Getting the Most Out of Your Soybean with One Fungicide

Published on: 16:23PM Aug 24, 2010

Eric Tedford

At the check-out counter, the cashier scans my items as I search through my wallet looking for my reward card. I find this to be a common situation for today’s consumers during these stressful economic times. I want to get the most “bang for my buck” and I am always looking for a deal. Like the majority of our world’s industries, agriculture is no stranger to the downward spiral of the economy. Growers are looking for added benefits too. Where is the yield reward card for soybean growers or 50 percent off discount on disease infestation this season? Growers need treatments for foliar diseases and benefits for the plant quality that are both best for the crop and for the growers’ return on investment.

There are fungicides available that combine both broad-spectrum disease control and plant physiological enhancements to help get more bang for your buck. These advantages can help you maximize yield, profit and increase your return on investment. The more you help your crops, the more your crops will benefit you. 
Protecting soybean fields from foliar and soil-borne diseases is a crucial step in enhancing the quality of your plants. A strobilurin fungicide will fight all four major classes of fungi and protect your field from damaging frogeye leaf spot and aerial blight; both showing up across the United States this season. 
Research results from Purdue University suggest frogeye leaf spot infection can happen at any time, but is most common after the R2 growth stage. Unfortunately, frogeye leaf spot’s earliest symptoms of small yellow dots can be mistaken for herbicide drift or other leaf diseases and therefore is often misdiagnosed.
Physiological enhancements benefit the health of your soybean plants, as well. A treatment containing azoxystrobin will help produce greener plants and higher yields. Azoxystrobin improves the assimilation of carbon dioxide, which enables leaves to use the sun’s energy through photosynthesis more efficiently. It can also slow down transpiration and thereby enhance the water use efficiency in some plants.
A strobilurin fungicide containing azoxystrobin will provide the right treatment to give you the most yield benefits to enhance soybean performance and profitability. 


Top row: Treated with a strobilurin fungicide containing azoxystrobin




Bottom row: Untreated



What diseases have you dealt with this season that could have been better controlled with a strobilurin fungicide treatment containing azoxystrobin?