It may have been a while…

Published on: 10:01AM Mar 30, 2011

Gordon Vail

Although it hasn’t quite been a full generation, if you are like many growers, you have to think about when you last used pre-emergence herbicides. It’s been more than a decade since some people have used pre-emergence residual herbicides – especially in soybeans.
So, be sure that you – or your operator – know how to use the herbicides you’ve chosen for 2011. Pre-emerge residuals are very effective, but they must be applied correctly to get maximum weed control without crop injury. Flexible herbicides with a wide application window are a good choice, if you are concerned about application timing.

Why choose a “pre” this season? It not only controls weeds glyphosate-resistant weeds, it also reduces early-season weed competition and allows a post-emergence application to be more effective.