Midwest Corn Roundup: Central Illinois crops looking good

Published on: 16:02PM Aug 17, 2010

Gordon Vail

Despite early-season setbacks caused by torrential rains and widespread flooding, crops are looking strong in Central Illinois through early August. Barren spots and weak stands mark fields across the region where low-lying rows were unable to drain. But if there is a silver lining to all the precipitation, crops had adequate soil moisture levels throughout the season.      
Overall weed control has been good this year. Growers who used residual herbicides, either preplant applications or timely post sprays, had particularly good results. Although it is not a widespread problem yet, more fields showed signs of glyphosate weed resistance this season, mainly with waterhemp and giant ragweed. I would encourage all growers to be alert to resistance issues and take a pro-active approach to managing weeds with residual herbicides and multiple chemistries.
Diligence and regular scouting is still needed as late-season disease and insect pressure have the potential to knock yields back.   But as corn and bean plants enter the final few weeks of grain fill; conditions look good to finish this year’s crop on a positive note.