Midwest Corn Roundup: Nebraska

Published on: 15:17PM Nov 19, 2010

Gordon Vail

After battling a couple of very wet months early this summer that threatened to flood many fields, the corn crop in Nebraska bounced back.  By late July, corn was extremely healthy and far past tasseling, growers and retailers predicting an early – and successful – harvest.  And compared to 2009, harvest was early.
The weather this season illustrated the importance of early-season weed control, as many growers found themselves scrambling to adjust their weed control programs when rain kept them out of the sprayer when it was time for their second herbicide applications. Growers who sprayed a pre-emergence herbicide with residual control were able to stick with their planned herbicide programs in order to control heavy pressures of marestail, waterhemp, lambsquarters and foxtails.
Starting clean and staying clean throughout the season is the best way to protect your yield potential. When corn is forced to compete with weeds for moisture, nutrients and sunlight, yield can suffer. Avoid the risk of weeds decreasing your bottom line by utilizing a pre-emergence herbicide program with season-long residual control. This year, growers in Nebraska experienced the value of spraying their fields early resulting in a great looking corn crop despite the unfavorable weather.
How did that pan out for you at harvest?  Will experiences this year impact next year?