Most Efficient Harvest contest to showcase improved standability

Published on: 10:55AM Aug 29, 2013

Harvest preparation begins with controlling the destructive plant stresses, diseases or insects that prevent corn from standing strong until harvest. Growers who see an improved stand at harvest time, following an application of either Quilt Xcel® fungicide or Force® insecticide*, are eligible to enter the Most Efficient Harvest contest ( The contest winner will receive a $500 Visa® gift card.

The contest, sponsored by Quilt Xcel and Force, will be open for submissions today through Nov. 29, 2013. Growers are invited to submit pictures of their Quilt Xcel- or Force-treated corn as well as descriptions with specific examples of the stand and harvestability benefits observed, such as savings on fuel, labor and equipment costs at harvest time.

Quilt Xcel corn

Quilt Xcel (left) vs. untreated rows of corn (right)

Force   Trait roots corn

Force + Trait roots (left) vs. roots with trait alone (right)

Force delivers superior corn rootworm and early-season insect control that protects roots, allowing for improved nutrient uptake and less lodging. An early (V4-V8) or R1 application of Quilt Xcel provides plant stress management benefits, including stronger, deeper root systems and stronger stalks that reduce the risk of lodging. 

"Improved root health, stronger stalks and better stand allow for a more efficient harvest," said Andrew Fisher, commercial product lead, fungicides, Syngenta. "These benefits don’t just reduce hassle, they equate to more grain in the bin and significant money saved on harvest expenses."

A panel of Syngenta and crop experts will judge the photos and announce the winner in early December. See Official Rules for details.

*Entrants are NOT required to have used both products

Product performance assumes disease presence.

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