Nematode protection – evaluate your options

Published on: 16:42PM Oct 22, 2010

Dr. Palle Pedersen

We’ve been talking about nematodes – microscopic soil-dwelling pests that feed on crop roots – more in the past couple years. Research has shown that nematodes steal more yield than we realized.
And there are a couple options to protect your crops from this pest. Abamectin and Bacillus firmus are both seed treatments intended to combat the nematode threat. But the way they work is very different.
  • Kills nematodes
  • Offers early-season protection from the day the seed is planted
  • Protects throughout critical early growth stages
  • Consistent protection regardless of environmental conditions
  • Proven performance under heavy pressure
  • Available with an insecticide and fungicide seed treatment combination
Bacillus firmus:
  • Does not kill nematodes
  • Requires time to multiply and produce toxin, missing the window to have the greatest impact against early-season pests during the critical early growth stages
  • Performance is affected by environmental conditions
    • Temperature can affect the organism once on the seed
  • Labeled product for corn must be used within 72 hours of being put in slurry
  • Can not be used with seed treatments that move the slurry to a low pH