New seed treatment fungicide active ingredient

Published on: 16:24PM Nov 16, 2010

Dr. Palle Pedersen

Thiabendazole, a new seed treatment fungicide active ingredient, was recently registered for use in corn. This fungicide offers best-in-class Fusarium protection, specifically against Fusarium verticilliodides.
You may wonder why a seedling disease you can barely pronounce matters to your corn crop. Fusarium can damage crops and contaminate the soil. And Fusarium verticilliodides can also produce mycotoxin, which can reduce crop quality.
When combined into the market-leading nematicide/insecticide/fungicide corn seed treatment combination, thiabendazole provides another mode of action for more complete disease control, as well as added nematicidal activity. In this combination, thiabendazole can help provide increased protection against nematodes, microscopic threadlike round worms that feed on crop roots. It will be available in 2011.