Nurturing Nature

Published on: 10:00AM Jun 07, 2013
When retailer Brock Skov advises growers to apply Quilt Xcel® fungicide to their crops, he knows they will get more than just excellent disease control. He also knows they will get healthier, heartier plants that can withstand the punches Mother Nature may deliver throughout the season. "Quilt Xcel offers both curative and preventive disease control and provides physiological benefits," says Skov, who works at Central Valley Co-op in Hayfield, Minn. "We have also seen nice yield results from it—on average a 10- to 15-acre boost—even during the 2012 drought." 
Because fungal problems are usually associated with moisture, the notion of applying a fungicide when conditions are dry seems counterintuitive, says Eric Tedford, Ph.D, Syngenta technical product lead. "However, the fact remains that growers and retailers are seeing yield benefits from certain fungicides under dry conditions." 
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