Did you optimize your harvest efficiency?

Published on: 12:21PM Aug 31, 2012

The answer is "yes" if you used Quilt Xcel or Quadris fungicides.

Stalk lodging in U.S. corn can lead to yield losses ranging from 5 to 25 percent annually and a decline in grain quality. In addition to disease control, Quilt Xcel® and Quadris® fungicides offer Plant Performance™ benefits including stronger stalks that result in less lodging for a more efficient harvest and less potential for stalk breakage or ear fall that results in volunteer corn the following season. Syngenta research indicates this allows a 1.7 mph increase in harvest speed, which can save growers an average $10 per acre before labor costs.
Quilt Excel AgWeb pic
Quilt Xcel (left) vs. Untreated corn (right).
Benefits of Quilt Xcel and Quadris:
  • Long-lasting broad-spectrum control of all four classes of fungi
  • Plant Performance benefits that include:
o   Greener plants
o   More plant growth
o   Extended ear fill
o   Stronger stalks and less lodging 
  • Average yield preservation of 6-15 bu/A depending on application timing
Extended grain fill quickly results in significant value because it only takes 2.5 additional kernels per row to preserve yields by 1 bu/A. In addition, when Quilt Xcel or Quadris is applied, plants stay greener longer, allowing them to take full advantage of the sun’s energy via photosynthesis and thus better reach their full genetic yield potential.
The bottom line is harvestability affects your profitability. Help improve your harvestability with Quilt Xcel and Quadris fungicides.
For more information, visit www.plantperformance.com.
Plant Performance benefits include disease protection. 
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