Preparing for Soybean Harvest

Published on: 11:46AM Sep 20, 2011

Don Porter

Mother Nature has brought the gamut of conditions this season. Do you have a plan if winter weather arrives around the time your soybean is nearing harvest? You may want to consider a herbicide you can use as a harvest aid to help dry down green stem and leaf tissue.
North Dakota State University Extension Service suggests harvesting soybean when the plants are mature and the beans have approximately 14 percent moisture to avoid cracking seed coats. When soybean seeds are extremely dry, containing only 8 to 10 percent moisture, harvesting will cause leaf shattering and seed injury. Soybean with too much moisture are hard to cut through during combining and are likely to rot in storage; making harvest timing extremely important.   
Applying a trusted herbicide as a harvest aid can provide fast soybean desiccation and offer improved flexibility, control and efficiency at harvest by drying out stalks and green foliage in just 24 to 48 hours.
A harvest aid gives you the ability to speed up your harvest by desiccating weeds, and green leaves and stems that could interfere with harvest. It not only provides more control over harvest timing, but also increases combine efficiency and speed while decreasing wear and tear, all while keeping the combine running smoothly.

Don Porter, Senior Technical Asset Lead - Herbicides, Syngenta
Don is responsible for the technical development, positioning and product life cycle management of soybean, cereal and rice herbicides for all commercial units in North America. Don received his undergraduate education at California State Polytechnic University with a major in botany and received his master’s degree in agronomy from the University of Wisconsin.