Protect soybeans from nematode damage

Published on: 15:20PM Sep 28, 2010

Management options for soybean nematodes (microscopic, thread-like round worms that are parasites on or in root systems) are limited, but a seed treatment for soybeans was recently registered for use.  Applied in conjunction with a seed treatment insecticide and seed-applied fungicides, this first-of-its-kind seed treatment combination starts working from day one to increase plant stand, vigor and yield potential.  Plus, seed treatments protect your seed investment. 


There are several advantages to this seed treatment combination:

  • Helps promote healthy, vigorous seedlings from the first day of planting

  • Complements performance of nematode-resistant soybean varieties

  • Provides protection against a wide variety of damaging nematode species, including soybean cyst nematode

  • Protects against a broad range of early-season insects and disease pathogens

  • Proven to help increase plant stand, vigor and soybean yield potential

  • Convenient on-the-seed treatment

  • Improves efficiency and reduces labor and replanting cost