Scouting for the Right Insecticide

Published on: 17:27PM Feb 22, 2011

Roy Boykin

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a “How To” guide when it came to selecting an insecticide this season?  The guidelines below highlight what to look for when browsing for ways to protect soybean yield against damaging insects this growing season.

  •  Industry-leading chemistries

When searching for an insecticide that best suits your soybean fields, consider whether or not the product contains a single active ingredient or multiple active ingredients, as well as what formulation advantages it offers. Like all technology, crop protection products continue to improve all the time. Select an insecticide that provides three industry-leading technologies - two proven active ingredients and a high tech formulation. These three technologies work together to provide fast knockdown and longer residual control of the most damaging insects, providing growers with higher yield and profit potential.
(Photo: Insect-damaged soybeans)

  • Extended Residual Control
Another vital factor to consider when selecting an insecticide is extended residual control. Extended residual control is a critical factor to consider when selecting an insecticide because last thing growers want to do is invest in a product that will have hard-to-control insects resurfacing in their soybean fields. Choose a product that offers the trans-stemic movement of thiamethoxam throughout soybean leaves. Thiamethoxam quickly penetrates the outer leaf surface and once inside the leaf, it forms a reservoir of active ingredient is formed, where it is protected from environmental factors like wash off from rain and UV degradation from sunlight. This provides extended residual control of insects feeding on both the upper and lower leaf surfaces, while having minimal impact on beneficial insects as they move across the leaf surfaces.
(Photo: Bean leaf beetle)
  •  Fast Knockdown
The speed with which an insecticide takes effect is crucial when protecting soybean yield. An insecticide with quick release capsules not only allows for fast knockdown of damaging insects but also provides strong adhesion to plant surface. Growers should look for an insecticide that not only works fast but also provides long residual control of a broad-spectrum of damaging soybean pests.

Dr. Roy Boykin, Senior Technical Brand Manager, Insecticides, Syngenta Crop Protection

Roy is responsible for the technical development, positioning and product life cycle management of insecticides for all business units in the NAFTA Region.  Roy received his undergraduate education at the College of Charleston with majors in biology and business and received his master’s/doctorate degrees in entomology with minors in plant pathology and crop science from North Carolina State University.