Shield corn against early-season stress with Quilt Xcel® fungicide

Published on: 12:43PM Jun 10, 2013

At the beginning of a season, it is impossible to anticipate what environmental stresses will affect corn.  In 2012, drought conditions began impacting corn before most growers were thinking about disease pressure. Those who waited for the traditional fungicide application timing, around the R1 growth stage, missed out on the stress management benefits that an early (V4-V8) application of Quilt Xcel® fungicide could have provided. 

To date, the 2013 season is proving to be just as unpredictable as 2012. As a result of early-season wet conditions, growers face concerns, such as delayed planting and the potential for heavier disease pressure. An early application of Quilt Xcel can help manage the stresses that corn will face in 2013.

"Early Quilt Xcel applications are about establishing a solid foundation for the corn plant, so it can reach its full genetic yield potential," said Dr. Eric Tedford, technical product lead, fungicides, Syngenta. "Plant stress comes in different forms, but every season brings stresses on the plant. Farmers who recognize this and apply Quilt Xcel early to help corn tolerate these stresses are the ones who receive the yield payoff at harvest time." 

An early application of Quilt Xcel protects corn from in-season environmental stresses, including periods of too much or too little water, heavy winds, and other unforeseeable challenges. Quilt Xcel provides other physiological benefits, such as stronger stalks, which reduce the potential for lodging and volunteer corn the following season. Additionally, corn that is treated with early applications of Quilt Xcel stays green longer, allowing for extended periods of photosynthesis. As a result, the treated corn experiences more plant growth, increased grain fill and an average yield boost of 6-8 bushels per acre. 

At the early timing, Quilt Xcel can be tankmixed with Halex® GT or other approved corn herbicides or insecticides for one convenient ground rig application. 

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Product performance assumes disease presence. 


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