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Published on: 15:12PM Aug 31, 2010

Chuck Foresman

The Triazine Network is made up of farmers and farming groups who have been raising crops that have safely fed livestock and people for years. They are supporting the preservation of atrazine and pushing the EPA to follow the established regulatory process by relying on sound science, not environmentalist rhetoric.

As Triazine Network Chairman Jere White says, no one cares more about the safety of atrazine than those who use it. But the group is concerned that the EPA stepped outside the bounds of established regulatory procedures with the unplanned re-review of atrazine just a few years after a comprehensive, 12-year review found the herbicide safe when used as labeled.

More than 6,000 studies and 50 years of use support the value, effectiveness and safety of atrazine, but activist claims seem to be driving atrazine’s current (and unplanned) review at EPA.

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