Talk about it

Published on: 13:49PM Oct 26, 2010

Anthony Transou

Farmers have plenty to think about. But they also likely have a limited circle of people who understand their business and are willing to bounce ideas around, such as:
  • Do micronutrients pay?
  • Would a different tillage system address soil structure issues in fields?
  • What equipment modifications would improve efficiency?
Online forums like these give growers the chance to “talk” about anything and everything, from policy to production. Other interesting forums can be found at
So what’s the difference between a forum or message board and other types of communications online? Blogs like this allow comments that can start a discussion, but the topic has already been proposed. Social networks share and spread news and information. But forums are a place to talk about it. Communities decide what “it” is, but any member can start a focused conversation around a particular topic or question.
Do you participate in any forums or messages boards? Which ones are most valuable?