The Path of Least Resistance

Published on: 10:47AM Jun 27, 2013

If the resistance issues that developed as a result of the overreliance on glyphosate to control weeds have taught growers anything, it’s that the unvaried use of a single technology is fraught with peril. "Resistance can develop from the repeated use of any technology or method of control," says Miloud Araba, Ph.D., Syngenta technical product lead of insect traits. "If we find the key, nature wants to change the locks." 

Now growers are finding that nature is changing some of those "locks" once again, as resistance spreads to new crops and emerges in new areas, including yield-robbing diseases and insects. The good news is that growers can apply some of the same principles that govern the management of weed resistance in corn and soybeans to control problems in these new areas. 
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