Weeding out Hunger helps local food banks

Published on: 15:54PM Oct 29, 2010

Gordon Vail

Before the 2010 growing season, I mentioned Weeding out Hunger on this blog, a Syngenta campaign to support local food banks. Here’s an update on our efforts.  
This fall, 55 food banks in 24 states received donations on behalf of Weeding out Hunger. These donations brought us to our goal of donating $100,000 in herbicide sales to local Feeding America foodbanks.
We are thinking globally to grow more from less and meet our goal of helping to feed nine billion people by 2050. But we also believe it’s critical to act locally, and Weeding out Hunger does just that. According to Feeding America, its network of food banks feeds one million more Americans each week than it did in 2006, and it relies heavily on the support of corporate partners, like Syngenta, to raise awareness of the hunger issue. 

With requests for help from many local food banks increasing, this campaign will continue into 2011.  See how you can get involved at www.weedingouthunger.com. And, you can receive real-time updates via Twitter at www.twitter.com/weedouthunger.