What to do with all that data?

Published on: 14:55PM Nov 05, 2010

Anthony Transou

Another growing season has come to a close, and chances are your thoughts are starting to turn to preparation for 2011. If you are up on your technology, you probably have oodles of data from your fields. Locations of specific hybrids and varieties, spray application data, yield, etc., all can be collected from in-cab software.
So, now what do you do with it?
How will the data you collected this season impact your decisions for next season? Or will it just take up hard drive space in your computer?
A few practical ways to use data as you look to next year include:
  • Determining where additional information, such as soil tests, may be helpful
  • Identifying areas with lower yields that may require additional fertilizers
  • Choosing the best hybrids and varieties for particular soil types
  • Comparing different production practices that can boost yields such as seed treatments or aerial fungicide applications
  • Marking locations of problem weeds to ensure you choose a herbicide that will better control them next season
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