What's in your (seed)bank?

Published on: 15:13PM Jan 07, 2011

Chuck Foresman

Since harvest finished much earlier in 2010 than 2009, many people had time to get "extra" field work done.  But the timing and weather also gave late-emerging weeds more opportunity to make deposits in your weed seedbank.   
The weeds you saw from the combine cab or any green haze in your harvested fields are likely the same problems you will need to manage next year.  In the past, my colleagues in the field have mentioned walking fields during harvest, and finding many small weeds, just 5 to 6 inches tall, dropping a significant amount of seed.  Knowing what those weeds were, or what's in your seedbank, gives you an idea of what to prepare for next year.
An early spring burndown or residual herbicide could help you get off to a strong start in 2011. With glyphosate- and ALS-resistant weeds becoming more common, herbicide selection and application timing are critical.  Plus, a spring pre-emergence application is your best bet for yield protection.  What are your plans?

Syngenta Manager of Weed Resistance Strategies Chuck Foresman is an expert in weed resistance, having worked extensively with many universities and research associates around the globe on the subject. He holds a bachelor's degree in agronomy from Western Illinois University along with a master's degree in agronomy from the University of Wisconsin.