Your stamp of approval

Published on: 14:53PM Aug 20, 2010

Anthony Transou

If you have teenagers in your life (kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews, etc.), you may have noticed that they believe they should be able to show their approval (or disapproval) of anything and everything. It’s as easy as clicking the "Like" button on Facebook or the "RT" (retweet) button on Twitter. Both are the social media equivalent of standing up and saying "I think this is worth sharing!"
Online news sites, including this one, provide a variety of ways for you to give your stamp of approval as well. You can leave a comment, forward an article to a friend, or use Digg or a similar voting site to identify what you consider quality information that others should read.
Why does your stamp of approval – or disapproval – matter? It draws attention to something, just like the "I voted" sticker you receive at polls. While sharing content online isn’t exactly a civic duty, it can help others learn more about issues you consider important. And for an industry like agriculture, which is often perceived as backwards (think bib overalls and straw hat) or threatening (think large-scale production and crop protection products), standing up for what you agree with can make a difference.
Let me know how you share articles and thoughts online.

Syngenta Interactive Marketing Manager Anthony Transou manages the website for Syngenta Crop Protection and its latest offering, the mobile FarmAssist site.