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2012 Cattle Inventory

Published on: 12:52PM May 15, 2014

Most everyone knows that the cattle inventory numbers have been trending down for a few years now. The 2012 Ag Census confirms this.

In 1997, there were 34.2 million cattle on hand. Over the next 15 years, this steadily dropped to a final 28.95 million cattle in 2012. As we can probably guess, the top state is Texas with 4.3 million down over 1 million over that same 15 year span. Those states with more than a million head are:

  • Nebraska - 1.73 million
  • Missouri - 1.68 million
  • Oklahoma - 1.78 million
  • South Dakota - 1.61 million
  • Montana - 1.44 million
  • Kansas - 1.27 million

In 1997, there were 11 states over 1 million head (with Florida, Iowa, Kentucky and Tennessee joining the above 7). Only one state with more than 100,000 head has added to the count since 1997 and that is Wisconsin with an increase from 220,031 to 248,305.

I will keep posting AG facts from the census over the next few weeks, but here is the update for today.