What if an Employer Does Not Pay Health Insurance Premiums?

Published on: 16:22PM May 03, 2010
One our readers asked me a series of questions in response to our post on the credit for employer paid health insurance.  Their questions are as follows:

What happens if you do not pay any of the employees health insurance premium? What happens if one of those employees gets help from the state or the federal government with their insurance premiums? Does the employer get fined on every one of his employees, even those that do not get help with their premiums?

The answers are as follows:

If you are a small employer (less than 50 full-time employees), you are not required to pay any of your employee's health insurance premiums under the new law.  If you elect to pay at least 50%, then you qualify for the credit as mentioned in the post.

Beginning in 2013, employees of most farmers will be eligible to get premium assistance to help pay for their health insurance premiums, but as of now, any farmer who employs less than 50 employees is not required to pay for health insurance, however, stay tuned since this may change.