Again, Corn Has Been More Consistent than I Expected

Published on: 19:41PM Aug 21, 2012

We left Fishers, Ind., this morning and headed northwest to the Illinois border and then turned due south to Paris, Ill. (I told my wife I always wanted to go to Paris, but did not realize it was going to be Paris, Ill.). 

Indiana numbers on our route were consistently in the 120-140 range, but we had a 200-bu. field too. The bean pod counts seemed to be down from yesterday. 

We then entered Illinois and found slightly worse yields, but the worst was still 97 bu. per acre. We stopped and talked with two farmers who had already started harvest in Douglas and Moultrie counties south of Champaign.

Actual yields for them had been in the 110-140 range, and the combining is fast. Harvest had started at least two to three weeks early.

Again, my first two days have been a time of fairly consistent yields. We had some low ones, but not what others have seen on their route.