All-Time-Low Interest Rates!

Published on: 07:17AM Jan 05, 2012

The IRS just issued Revenue Ruling 2012-2, which lists the Applicable Federal Rates for January 2012. These are the minimum interest rates that you must charge on related party loans such as a loan from a parent to a child or a shareholder to his corporation.

For short-term loans, this interest rate is only 0.19%. For midterm loans, it is only 1.17%, and for long-term loans, it is about 2.60%. These rates are at an all-time low, and if you are thinking about making some interfamily loans, this is a great time.

You can transfer the use of income-producing property from you to your children and they are required to pay you interest only at these very low rates.

Also, if you have loans from your corporation or vice versa, this is a great time to lock in these low rates.

One last thing: Due to Emancipation Day, the due date for your tax return this year is April 17.