ARC-IC versus ARC-CO

Published on: 11:32AM Jun 23, 2014

The FSA issued some regulations on the calculations of PLC and ARC late last month. This notice provides a good overview of how the FSA will determine the payment calculations under PLC and ARC. ARC is broken down into ARC at the County Level (ARC-CO) and ARC at the farm level (ARC-IC). We had provided an analysis last week as to the difficult choice between ARC-CO and ARC-IC when the farm's yields are slightly higher than the county averages. We received some feedback on the fact that ARC-IC payments will be based upon 65% of base acres, however, benchmark revenue and related payment calculations will be based upon actual farm revenue weighted by the amount of revenue each crop will provide.

For example, if a farmer is growing corn and soybeans and the per acre revenue for corn is $800 and the per acre revenue for soybeans is $400 and it is planted in a 50/50 rotation, then the benchmark revenue is $600 ($800 times 50% plus $400 times 50%). This $600 times 86% is the revenue guarantee of $516. If the actual revenue generated by corn and soybeans in the same % allocation is less than this number, then a payment will be made.

This can lead to additional complexities to the election between ARC-CO and ARC-IC since soybeans will most likely not have a payment under ARC-CO while corn is most likely going to have a payment. Therefore, by mixing soybeans into the ARC-IC calculations, the breakeven point for ARC-IC versus ARC-CO may be decreased.

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When I get back, I will update my detailed examples on ARC-CO versus ARC-IC.