Combining 265 Bushel Corn

Published on: 05:37AM Oct 04, 2012

We have had great late summer/early fall weather here in the Northwest.  Cool mornings with highs in the low to mid 80s for the last couple of weeks.  On Tuesday, I visited one my clients that was harvesting corn just north of Pasco, Washington.  They had just finished up a 50 acre field that had done about 290 bushels per acre and were harvesting a field that according to the combine monitor was in the 265 acre range.

This corn had about 23% moisture and is hauled to a local feedlot that then stores it for winter feeding.  I rode with my client to the feedlot about 25 miles away.  I took several pictures which I will upload once I find a cord that will allow me to plug the camera into the computer.  Those cords are always to easy to lose.

It is great to watch 265 bushel corn being harvested.  You spend almost as much time dumping the grain out of the bin than not.  Using a fairly new John Deere 9870 kept two grain carts and four semi trucks busy all day and that is with only a 8 row corn head.  They have ordered a new 12 row corn head but I think John Deere's moto of "Just In Time" production stands for just in time for the end of harvest.