Commodity Wages Save Payroll Taxes for Kids Too!

Published on: 10:38AM Jul 31, 2014

In my previous post today, I had recapped the wages paid to children being exempt from payroll taxes in certain situations. In the case presented, the wages in fact, were subject to payroll taxes. The one item I had forgotten to mention is that if commodity wages were paid to the children in any of these situations, these commodity wages would not be subject to any payroll taxes. We have previously posted on how commodity wages work.

Therefore, even if you have a situation where cash wages paid to children or even other farm employees are subject to payroll taxes; by using commodity wages you can effectively eliminate these payroll taxes.

Farmers have greater flexibility than almost any other business operation in how wages are paid and payroll taxes that may be due. A non-farm business could pay wages to their children under age 18 and be exempt from payroll taxes, however, they would be unable to pay commodity wages (in most situations).