Corn Harvest is Winding Down

Published on: 06:42AM Nov 11, 2013

On Saturday, I spent all day with my friends Ken and Mary McCauley and their son Brad in NE Kansas helping them finish up corn harvest. They were down to about three or four days to go. The crops got in late and it had been slow going since yields were good and the weather was not always cooperative.

We worked in two separate fields during the day and it was fun to be a little bit helpful in moving equipment around and riding the combine. I even earned my pay when I spotted a 4" log that was about 10' long that wanted to get involved with the corn head. I got Brad to stop the corn head in time and all the damage was to the log.

We got down about 7 that night, I had dinner in the metropolis of Highland, Kansas and then left yesterday morning for the ABA AG Bankers conference in Minneapolis. We had a four-hour session yesterday put on by the FINBIN crew from the University of Minnesota. Dr. David Kohl also spoke and it is very apparent that Ag bankers are starting to have concerns about much lower corp prices and the affect on their borrowers. There is no panic, but certainly concern.

I am only at the conference today and then head to Sheldon, Iowa this afternoon. I will help present tax seminars to Iowa CPAs and tax preparers in Sheldon, Mason City and Ottumwa and then head over to Michigan on Sunday for a two-day meeting, then to Portland Oregon for the Northwest Annual Coop meeting and then home to see if my wife still knows who I am.

If any readers are at these events, please stop me and say HI.