Crop Tour so far more Consistent than I Thought it would be

Published on: 14:29PM Aug 20, 2012

 We left Columbus early this morning and headed north and west. Our very first field was a whopping 44 bushels but the next was 146. I envisioned the whole day like that but after the first four samples we settled down into a trend right around 130 bushels. We had two in the 170 range and 2 about 110 but the other 8 were right at 130. 

There has been some rain in the area but we saw several very dry areas. 

The beans seem to be lower than last year but we saw many good fields. Only saw one area of silage being cut and hauled. Other than that most of all corn we saw was still standing  

Tomorrow we head to Bloomington, Illinois and I think there will be more variability tomorrow