Driving or Running a Combine - It is Still FUN!

Published on: 18:28PM Oct 14, 2011

I have had a couple of readers tease me about using the term driving a combine.  They would normally use the term operate or run, but all I know is that I am looking forward to getting in the combine (and I think all four that I will be in are green for those who keep track of these details), putting the rotor and header in gear and getting out in the field and cutting some corn or beans.

I am old enough to remember when the combine I operated in the late 1970s had a cylinder and not a rotor.  Those were always very fun to plug up with wet green morning glory.

I am also looking forward to getting in that sugar cane harvester and cutting some sugar cane.  I will let you know what they call it down in Louisiana when I get there.

To enlighten me, any readers who want to share with me what they call "driving the combine", if I get enough responses, I will let the readers know.