Get Your Message Out!

Published on: 20:43PM May 08, 2013

I spent today in Spokane attending the Washington Bankers Association agriculture conference. I gave an update on the possible new farm bill provisions along with an update on the new tax laws.

After I spoke (never a good thing to give the farm bill and tax update right after lunch) Alex McGregor of The McGregor Company gave a talk entitled "Good Times, Tenacity and Teamwork". The McGregor company started as a farm raising sheep over 100 years ago and is now one of the largest distributors of fertilizers and chemicals in the northwest.

He indicated what worked for our farmers three generations ago will work now. This is comprised of their work ethic, tenacity and character. But he reinforced that we need to get your message out to the general public about the vital function we perform.

After that message Brian Hefty of Hefty Seed Company in South Dakota gave a similar message. He told a story about a water issue that came up in his county that required public hearings. At the meeting were close to 200 or more people. About 4 people spoke in support and four spoke against the issue. Brian at the end of the meeting asked the audience to indicate whether they supported the issue or not. All of the people there were against the issue other than the four that spoke in favor. Without asking the question most people would have thought the support was about equal based on the numbers speaking.

This is why these people against Ag are called activists. They are Active. The question is: Are we just as active in telling our message.