IRS Data by Zip Code and County

Published on: 09:30AM Feb 12, 2014

The IRS just released certain summarized income and expense information based upon taxpayers in a county or zip code for tax year 2011. This information includes the number of returns with AGI between certain dollar amounts such as 0-$25,000, over $200,000, etc. It also provides information on the components of income such as wages, interest, dividends. For interest to farmers, it provides the actual number of farm returns for each zip code, however, it does not directly indicate the amount of farm income. That number is contained in the business income information.

For example, I grew up in Dixie, Washington and moved to Walla Walla, Washington when I was in high school. Some interest information for that zip code (99362) is as follows:

  • Total tax returns - 10,810
  • Total Adjusted Gross Income - $527 million
  • Total wages - $322 million
  • Taxable interest and dividends - $7 million
  • Total number of business returns - 1,488
  • Total business income $21 million
  • Number of farm returns 66

Now I know that there are more than 66 farmers who live in Walla Walla, however, many of these farmers probably report their income from a partnership or corporation, therefore, they would not be included in this number.

If you are interested in seeing how your county checks out with your return, you can click here and go directly to the IRS website for this information. Years before 2011 are also included.