It's Not How Many Times You.....

Published on: 06:16AM Mar 14, 2011

Being in the middle of the busiest tax season that I can ever remember, we took some time out last week to attend a luncheon for the local economic development group.  The keynote speaker was one of the co-founders of the game Cranium.  His first story was about being in a taxi ride in Dallas a couple of years ago and how he got into a conversation with the cab driver.  They exchanged stories about their lives and the cab driver's last works were "It is not how many times you get knocked down, it is how many times you get up."

I think this saying applies to farming and life in general.  As we go along right now, most farmers are enjoying some of the best prices they have ever had, however, we must remember that sometime in the future, the farmer will get knocked down.  The important thing is to remember to get up and get up fast.

On a personal note, this last two weeks and probably the next week or so has been the busiest tax season I have ever had and it has reduced the amount of posts that I normally make.  Just want to let our readers know that once it dies down a little bit, I will get back to a more normal posting pattern.