Land Is Not Deductible!

Published on: 09:49AM Sep 12, 2011

We had a reader ask the following question:

"Can I or my S-corp deduct the purchase of farmland as a business expense?"


The general answer to this question is no; you cannot deduct the cost of farmland as a business expense. However, you must review your purchase to determine if, in fact, you purchased only farmland. Many farmland purchases include fences, wells, irrigation systems, grain bins and other improvements that may be depreciated. If the farmland does include these items, you would need to allocate cost to these items.

You may be able to take Section 179 on many of these items, but you would need to review them with your tax adviser to determine eligibility. Almost none of these items would be available for the 100% bonus depreciation, since they are not considered "new."