Merry Christmas - 2014

Published on: 18:34PM Dec 24, 2014

I would like to extend our wishes to everyone for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I have traveled to almost all of the continents and I can safely say that our country enjoys more "gifts" than almost any other country in the world and we should be thankful for it every day.

On a personal note, I think most of our readers know that I have four sons (ages 21, 23, 26 and 28) and finally the oldest son is getting married on Saturday January 3, 2015. My understanding as the parents of the groom that the financial obligations would not be too bad. We are responsible for the rehearsal dinner and at last count there is almost 70 people at the dinner and our cost will almost hit 5 digits. I am not complaining since as I have told many people my biggest pay raise ever is when my oldest son graduated from college.

My wife and I will be leaving for Los Angeles on Monday and I may or may not post to the blog next week. Again, Happy Holidays to everyone.