More Farm Export Facts

Published on: 10:35AM Jan 10, 2012

Following up on my post from yesterday, here are some more interesting farm export facts.

Total 2011 agricultural exports are expected to $137 billion.  This is an all time high with 2008 in second place at $115 billion.  An interesting note is that farm imports were $93 billion which is primarily comprised of fruits, vegetables and coffee.

Of total exports, less than 40% of this is bulk products such as corn, wheat and beans.  Back in the 1970s and 1980s more than 60% were bulk grains.

Our top 5 exporting countries are China #1, Canada #2, Mexico #3, Japan #4, and the EU #5.  Canada had been number 1 for several years until China took over in 2011.

China imports almost 60% of the total world trade in soybeans and almost 40% of cotton.