My Idea of a Vacation

Published on: 09:19AM Nov 01, 2010

I flew to Kansas City on Thursday of last week.  On Friday, I spent about five hours in the John Deere 9660 combining soybeans.  The field had several terraces and many ditches, so the combining was not simply going back and forth across the field.  I filled up two semi loads with beans and had a great time.  This is my idea of a great vacation.

On Saturday (since the other beans were not ripe yet), I spent the whole day traveling.  I went to Wichita Falls, then up to Salina and on the way back to Kansas City, I spent a couple of hours touring the Flint Hills in the Manhattan south region.  If you have never toured this area of the Country, I highly recommend it.  This is some of the most interesting hill region in the US.

I also saw a lot of milo being harvested and the weather was outstanding (70 degrees and sunny).  The only negative for the region is that Kansas, Kansas State and Missouri all lost their football games on that day.