North Dakota Tops Kansas (In Wheat Production)

Published on: 09:40AM Nov 05, 2010

According to an article in based upon the North Dakota Wheat Commission data, the 2010 North Dakota wheat crop produced 375 million bushels of wheat, beating Kansas by about 15 million bushels. 

These high production amounts (last year was about 2 millions bushels higher) is due to record yields of about 45 bushels over these two years.  These yields are about 32 percent higher than the previous decade's average yield of about 33 bushels.

Even though acreage has been down by about 9 million bushels (most of this probably in corn and beans), the record yields have still resulted in record production.

With current corn, bean and wheat prices fighting with each other to see who will provide the best return to farmers, it will be interesting to see how much extra wheat is planted next spring (if any).