STRESS Equals Wedding

Published on: 13:44PM Jan 05, 2015

Normally, the mother of the bride would be feeling the most stress at a wedding. My oldest son got married on Saturday January 3, 2015 (and he definitely married up) and somehow my wife had no stress for this wedding and transferred it all over to me. First, on the day before the wedding, my wife was unpacking my clothes at the hotel while I went golfing with my son and she found out that I had forgotten to bring my suit pants with me. Once she let me know I told her I could simply wear a pair of shorts with my suit, but my future daughter-in-law did not think that was a great idea (I am not sure why).

We were able to find someone about my size who loaned me a suit for the wedding. Two hours before we were scheduled to have photos taken at the venue, my son called me and said "Dad, can you take Aly's car over to the hotel we are staying at?" Of course, the hotel was clear across town, but I was able to get it over and get back in time for the photos, however, my number three son had forgotten to get a white shirt for his suit, so we had to make a side trip for that.

But, all-in-all, the wedding went great and the best thing is my wife had no stress (a happy wife is a happy life). I wish everyone a Happy News Year and we will get back to taxes, etc. with the next post.