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TEPAP - Day 3 Afternoon Session

Published on: 07:54AM Jan 12, 2011

For the Tuesday afternoon session, we were privileged to have the last formal presentation done by Dr. William Carden, CEO of The Carden Group. Dr. Carden’s discussion was on effective delegation by farmers.


One thing that resonated with me was that as farmers, we need to delegate the expected results to our employees not the tasks. So many times, we tell our employees to get this task done, when we need to communicate to the employee in writing what our expected result is, not necessarily how to do it.


In summary, Dr. Carden stressed:



  • Get rid of the thought "I can do it better and quicker".


  • Delegate the results, not the method.


  • Delegate every decision down to the lowest-ranked employee capable of making the decision.


  • Acknowledge the work, no matter how trivial.


  • Once you have delegate a task, DO NOT EVER take it back unless there is truly an impending disaster.