TEPAP - Day 4 Afternoon Session

Published on: 17:21PM Jan 12, 2011

The afternoon session of day 4 of the TEPAP convention was presented by Gary Maas on dealing with all of the different personality types associated with a farm operation (or in life).


The interesting part of the presentation is how your personality based upon your natural style may be completely different from the style you adapt during your work career. To effective managers may be able to determine which of their natural traits can be changed to be more effective, however, you must be careful not to change too much which can cause emotional issues.


As a farmer in hiring decisions, are we making the decision based on quantitative (experience & education) or on qualitative (attitude, chemistry & attributes). It would be much better to stress the qualitative over the quantitative.


It is important to understand the personality traits of who you are dealing with so you can determine what is important to them and adjust accordingly.