TEPAP - Final Conclusions

Published on: 07:32AM Jan 18, 2011

I spent all of last week attending the TEPAP conference in Austin, Texas.  This intensive 7 day conference is put on by Professor Danny Klinefelter of Texas A & M University.  Each day's session would normally have two different topics covered by some of the best presenters in the farm business.

I would highly recommend that any farm operation attend TEPAP in the future.  Even if you have a smaller operation, the information that you will receive should pay for itself many times over.  Each of the presentations give you many choices on how to improve your farm's operation and more importantly, the friendships that you will develop with other farmers from around the country can be even more important.

The only drawback from the conference is eating too much of the good food provided.

Again, I would highly recommend this conference for any farmer or farm related operation.