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TEPAP - Final Day

Published on: 09:55AM Jan 15, 2011

After six great days of presentation, we have finally come to the last day of the TEPAP conference.  This is only a morning session and our presentation on public relations plans was giving by Moe Russell of the Russell Consulting Group.

Moe shared that we had 3 sets of good time in the last 100 years (1) during the 1910's, (2) during World War II and the period thereafter and (3) during the mid 1970's.  He believes that we might be headed for our fourth set of good times.  However, in each case after these good times, a period of bad times followed.

Public relation plans can add to your bottom line.  These plans should be proactive, not reactive.  A good public relation plan deals with:

  1. The neighbors
  2. The press
  3. Key influencers in the community
  4. Landlords


When something bad happens, you probably have only 60 seconds to respond correctly to the situation.

Farmers need to know that they need to get green, grow green and stay green.  This trend will only to accelerate.

Reactive plans may be needed in case something goes wrong such as a chemical spill, fire, tornado, equipment accidents, etc.  You need to know how you will react.

When dealing with the press, remember to be:

  • Honest
  • Straightforward
  • Brief, and
  • Positive