The 12 Day Business Trip

Published on: 16:36PM Jul 09, 2014

Today starts my (its seems annual) 12 day business trip to the Midwest. I start in the Minneapolis office for a couple of days of meetings with CLA staff and then head over to the Sioux Falls area for meetings with clients and prospects.

I then head down to Omaha for a Monday seminar I am giving for the Farm Journal Media Legacy Project. I have a dinner meeting that night and then head over to Des Moines where I will be one of the break-out session speakers for the Leading Edge Conference for Pro Farmer. I will give a 30 minute talk on ARC and PLC and as you can tell from my most recent post, I am eager to update farmers on that topic.

I then head over to Moline, Illinois on Wednesday morning to give the same speech I did in Omaha, then head up to Cedar Falls, Iowa area to give another talk on the farm bill. Thursday, I have meetings all day with clients and then drive up to Austin, Minnesota either that night or early Friday to give the same (Omaha/Moline) speech again.

After that, I head down to the Waterloo area to give a speech to a peer group of farmers on the farm bill, entity planning and whatever else they want to discuss. Finally, I get up early Sunday; drive to Minneapolis; fly home and hope my wife still knows who I am.

If any of our readers will be at any of those events, please make sure to come up and introduce yourself. That is probably the most rewarding part of my business is meeting our readers at events and farms all over the US.