The 2013 Tax Season Bites the Dust

Published on: 16:41PM Apr 15, 2014

I am waiting for my oldest son's age to finally surpass the number of tax seasons I have completed. He is 27 (and working at a CPA firm in Costa Mesa, CA) and his little brother, age 25 works at Price Waterhouse Coopers in downtown LA (there is a chance he gets to spend 3 months in Calcutta, India since he is in International Tax). It will require me to retire for about 7 years for his age to catch up to my tax seasons.

This year was actually much easier on myself and I think most of my compatriots since we did not have Congress passing a tax bill on the last day of the year to mess up the IRS computers (although the computers have other issues to deal with). Next year may go back to being a bit of a mess since I think we will get a new tax law at the end of the year and this will delay 2014 filings, but that is at least 9 months in the future.

Since the 2013 tax season is now done, it is time to look forward to getting additional farm tax and accounting education. I had previously mentioned a couple of times about the AICPA Farm Conference in Austin this May. I am fairly certain it is officially sold out, but for those CPA's, Attorney's, Banker's, Farmer's and others that are interested in getting two days of good farm business and estate tax advice in a nice resort location, Roger McEowen of Iowa State Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation has two summer conferences planned. The first is in West Baden Springs, Indiana (the home of Larry Bird, technically French Lick, but very close) the first Thursday and Friday in June. The second is scheduled for the last Thursday and Friday in West Yellowstone, Wyoming.

Each course has a full day of farm business taxation update and a full day of estate taxation and planning. I will be teaching with Roger (and one or two others) at each conference. I taught at the two events last year and I think anyone interested in getting more farm tax knowledge; it would be worth attending and the resort areas are nice too.

If you are interested, here is a link to the CALT website.