The Crop Tour - Day 3

Published on: 17:48PM Aug 18, 2010

Today was a free form day for us.  We had Brian from Pro Farmer with us and he was doing multiple radio interviews through out the day so we had to stop at various times and let him make his calls in the best cell phone area that we could find.  I have A T & T and I can tell you that there is almost no coverage unless you are near a city with at least 5,000 in population or more.

The corn and beans looked very good down in Southwest Iowa.  Our counts were about 200 bushels or a little better for corn.  As we moved north and a little east, the corn count dropped off dramatically into the low 100's.  Then, as we moved into District 1 in Northwestern Iowa, the corn counts started going over 200 bushels topping out at about 230 bushels per acre.

We saw some really good soybeans today.  We had two separate plants with more than 200 pods on each plant topping out at almost 240.  We also started noting some sudden death syndrome in the soybeans as we got farther north.   A couple of fields had several spots, but overall, I do not believe we saw more than a couple of acres of total loss during the whole day.

We are spending tonight in Spencer, Iowa and we will have a meeting to discuss how all of the other routes went.  If there is any important news from that, I will let you know tonight.

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