The End of Tax Season!

Published on: 18:36PM Apr 17, 2012

By my unofficial count, this is my 30th tax season. I worked for a small CPA firm in downtown Seattle during my first tax season (while attending college at the University of Washington and being newly married) and the owner gave me a set of partnership returns to work on. I was so proud of finishing up the returns in a timely manner and presenting them to the owner.

My pride lasted about five seconds as the owner looked at me and asked where my work papers were. I had prepared the tax return without making a copy of any work papers to back up the numbers. Needless to say, my tax returns after that had work papers (although many of my friends still say I keep too much in my head and not enough on paper).

Today is the official end of the 2012 tax season and due to our office changing software, I must say it has been a little more difficult than normal and all of the returns took a little longer than usual, but our employees did a great job and our clients, as usual, gave us some grace.

I just want to take this time to say thanks to all of our readers for their questions during the season. Our readership continues to grow each month, and I look forward to my 31st tax season next year.

I will be traveling to the Midwest next week: Missouri on Monday, Iowa on Tuesday and Wednesday, Illinois on Thursday, and Wisconsin on Friday. Even though it is technically work, it will allow me to wind down doing what I like to do best, and that is visit farmers.