The FSA Issues a Farm Bill Fact Sheet

Published on: 17:29PM Mar 19, 2014

The FSA released today a six page fact sheet on the new farm bill. It recaps the major changes that were included in the 900+ page farm bill. Most of the material has been covered on several of our posts over the last month or so.

We are doing a webinar on the new farm bill on Wednesday April 9, 2014 at 10 am Central time. The webinar will cover the major changes included in the new farm bill including some examples of how PLC and ARC work and what farmers should know about the farm bill. Just click here to sign up for the webinar. There is no charge (only potential drawback is you would have to listen to my voice for about 45 minutes).

On a personal note. I am sitting in the Minneapolis airport writing this. I left Pasco yesterday at 4:40 PM and arrived in Kansas City at 11:30 PM (don't worry, I got my 12 hours of work in before I left for the airport). Today, the TV taping crew from Ag Day and Kevin Spafford of the Legacy Project did a taping at a Platte City, Missouri farm family. He had immigrated from Holland about 30 years ago and started a farm from scratch. A great story and it will be aired on Ag Day next Friday March 28. I invite everyone to view the show (I have two separate three minute segments).