The International Flavor of the Crop Tour

Published on: 19:30PM Aug 22, 2012

 Today we left Bloomington, Illinois headed north for about 50 miles and then went due west to Iowa City, Iowa. We picked up a group of about 8 people who followed us on the route today. We had two people from Brazil, one from Germany and one from England.

When the crop tour started it was comprised mainly of farmers, however they are now in the minority on the tour.  The international trading and farming community travels on the tour to get a better idea of how our crop will affect their marketing activities.

The corn and beans in Illinois was much better than I expected, however, the yields are down from historical averages, but there is still very god grain out there if they got rain at the right time.

However, when we crossed into Iowa we did see several miles of absolutely dead corn and then at the end of this area, we of course had our best yield of the day.

Tomorrow is the last day of the tour and I look forward to the final numbers.