The Ultimate Farm Trip

Published on: 06:30AM Oct 13, 2011

For this CPA, the wild deadline is not April 15, it is Oct. 15. This is the time of year when it can be very difficult to get information from our taxpayers, and it is always a wild scramble to the finish line. I think the latest I have gotten out of the office so far this week is 3:30 a.m., but it is almost done.

To celebrate, I am headed off on my annual fall farm trip. This year, I will leave Yakima, Wash., Sunday morning and fly to Kansas City to stay a couple of days. I will drive my partner's combine on Monday. On Tuesday, I head up to Mason City, Iowa, to visit with a farm consultant, and the goal is to drive a combine in the afternoon. On Wednesday morning, I will stop by the Pro Farmer office in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and then meet up with another farm consultant/farmer and drive that afternoon.

On Thursday, I start driving to Baton Rouge, La., where I plan on meeting one of my farm clients and the goal is to drive a sugar cane harvester for the first time. On Friday, I meet up with my oldest son in New Orleans and two of his friends (I hope I can keep up with them) and on Saturday, we attend the LSU/Auburn game in Baton Rouge. The original goal was to watch the New Orleans Saints/Indianapolis Colts game on Sunday, but since Peyton Manning is not playing, I think we are going to play golf.

As you can see, for this farm boy, the ultimate vacation is to drive three combines and a sugar cane harvester. I will keep you updated on the trip, since I will have my iPad with me and can post anytime I want.